A study showed that 65% of the population are visual learners. So you could have the most memorable brand name of all time, but it’s the logo design that will make a lasting impression. Your logo is the face of your company and you want that face to be perfect! Here are 12 important rules to keep in mind…

Every business, be it a small mom-and-pop shop to a large corporation has a logo today. But why do we need logos? Have you ever watched a movie featuring an actor you know well but you just can’t seem to remember his name? Yup. that’s the power of imagery. Everybody remembers a familiar face or mark or brand. Names are easy to forget.

Here are 11 reasons your logo could be your most important business decision.

1. A reflection of leadership:

Your logo communicates ownership. Much like a lawn that needs to tended to and cared for, a logo should be thoughtful and communicate reliability to the consumer. We want the logo design to say, “Here’s a company that takes business seriously, and is worth my time and business”. The logo is going to be everywhere: on your business card, website, letterheads, stationery. The importance of a strong logo cannot be undermined. It should communicate your product or service, generate interest or at least draw the eye.

2. An enticing invitation to do business

How does logo design help create an identity and image for a business? If you have a retail shop or storefront and someone passing by notices your logo in a sea of other signboards and businesses, you’ve won the first challenge of branding. Hopefully, they step in and make a purchase. After the consumer is done interacting with you, you want them to remember the brand and come back for more. That’s where “brand recall” comes into play. Having a unique and memorable logo can lay the foundation for business in the future. This is how you build a strong brand persona that speaks volumes about your products and services. A great logo creation story is something clients love and tend to remember. A deeply symbolic logo with a great background story helps start a conversation. A couple of great examples…

  • The London Symphony Orchestra logo by SuperUnion (the Partners) has the LSO lettering done in a gorgeous minimalistic brushstroke style. The hand-drawn style logo also looks like the conductor holding a concert baton. Which did you see first?
  • The Vennar Organic logo by ABD has a circular logo that fades from brown to green representing the process of biodegradation and composting. It has a sprout of leaves at the end of the process bringing it, literally, full-circle.

3. Distinguish from the competition

Distinguish with something different. The purpose of the logo is displaying class and innovative thought. It shows that you are unafraid to take risks and that you do not care to be part of the crowd. Remember that when people see your business logo and appreciate the beauty and subtlety, it’s actually a reflection of their own tastes, preferences and visual appeal.

How many security companies have the same logos? They all look like cousins!

Break-out logo design in the information security industry are We45 and RiskIQ. With just a glance, they are distinctive.

RiskIQ logo has 3 stylized rings that has a sense of stability and safety.

We45 rebranded to a logo with “we fortify” written in binary code. The 7 columns of dots and dashes represent the seven layers of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model.

4. Brand loyalty

Customers can have a significant and profound relationship with a brand (Source 2). This familiarity will lead to more purchases (Source 3). The logo’s power is in the effect it has on the consumer, especially the familiar consumer. And in today’s world of multimedia and visual imagery, it becomes imperative to create an impressive identity for your business. Nobody really reads anymore!

The consumer gets used to one look and doesn’t like to retrain his/her brain to see a familiar name with a different face. It’s like running into an old friend who you don’t recognise at all anymore.