Change is permanent. The more exciting and dynamic your branding is, the better your customers’ attention.  Think Uber’s all new look. It’s time you did the same for your firm. Here are 5 simple ways:

1. Start with 3 colors

Have you had the same brand colors for a while? Green and white for an environmental NGO? Red and yellow for a restaurant? Boring! Go young. Pick out a brand new palette. Pick a dark color (dark grey, black, dark brown). Contrast it with a bright color. Orange goes well with black, yellow with dark brown, fluorescent green with grey. You get the picture. Now for the tough part: a middle color that ties the two together. Maybe maroon with orange and black? Or mustard with yellow and dark brown? Try brick-orange with fluorescent green and grey.

2. Get a logo done.

Keeping the 3 colors that you chose in mind, get a logo designed. Don’t be afraid to look at a few options before deciding on something. I personally notice that clients like to see 3 options: A 3D looking logo with a large banner (think Wendy’s), a word logo with a cool font without any fussy artwork (think IBM) and, my personal fave, a slick modern line logo (think apple).

3. The whole package.

Depending on the look of your logo and your colors, get your letterheads, brochures, business cards and other stationary down pat. Keep the look uniform and fresh. Don’t clutter it with too many words. Minimalism is in.

4. Do it everywhere.

You are now ready to take it to the next level. Apply the colors to your website. Keep the fonts and the font sizes standard and uniform for your website, stationary and everywhere else. And no, you CANNOT use Times New Roman. If you cannot implement so many changes all at once, at least ensure your logo is out there. Think outside the box on how far your branding reaches. do your product stickers and wrapping carry the colors, fonts and logo? Do your customers receive quotes on plain white Word documents? What about your email sign-offs. Your designer should be doing all of this in your collaterals package.

5. Roll it out. Remind them.

Send out an email to all your clients, customers and vendors carrying your cool new look!

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